Bespoke steam room cubicle
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Bespoke steam room cubicle.

A built in bespoke steam room cubicle is a more appropriated solution when the environment allows as it easily integrates with the surroundings.

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As visible in this image the bespoke steam shower cubicle presents itself with an ample glazed surface.

The aluminium framed door is specially built for the purpose as it is steam proof and toughened for user safety. It opens outwards, right handedly from inside in order to allow access to a warm towel on the radiator immediately outside the area.

The whole floor under the cubicle, and the bath, is lifted to allow for better drainage but mostly to allow extra reinforcement as the additional weight would affect this 250 year old construction adversely.
To spread the load evenly, extra prevention was added within the partition wall by means of steels distributing weight to structural elements above.

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